Recordings for Sale

I perform my guitar duo arrangement of Zequinha Abreu’s “Tico Tico“, PLUS my original guitar solo composed in place of the entire composition’s original melody. Recording available for sale starting at $1.

Pachelbel’s Canon in D

ChaChaYou New composition by Noel Schwenk Available for purchase at

Moonlight ChaCha Available for purchase at

Winter Samba: Available for purchase at The thumbnail artwork here is from a Christmas book called “Diggy Takes His Pick”, by author & artist Racey Helps, publshed in 1964.

Danza Espanola: Spanish Guitar Duo; Noel Schwenk rewrote this19th century piano piece by Enrique Granados, plus composed a guitar solo for this recording.

Wherever This Road Takes Us – Written in the summer of 2018; The rhythm guides the composition into an “energy expenditure” upbeat-syncopation as each measure begins, but the iambic grouping of the second half dominates the rhythmic destination toward the next accent on beat 1. So “Chaos of the open-road’ combined with dominant direction toward the accent, gives every part of my composition the structure to compose pretty easily.

Pups – Written to remember Bella, one of my dogs who had passed away after 11 great years; starts in D minor for the sad event, & ends in C major for all the great memories of her.

Stairway to Gehenna – Halloween song I wrote in Bb minor in 2021, featuring a phrygian-cadence montuno & specific articulation for the melody. The guitar solo features tremolo, quick scale passages, rhythmically-inspired motifs. Trills, augmented harmonies, phrygian cadences.

Orange Salsa –

Relaxing Classical Guitar, 3 Fernando Sor pieces available for $1 purchase at