One of my piano students performing Bach Invention No. 1 BWV772 (excerpt):

From Reverbnation on 6/15/22: “Latin Guitarist Noel Schwenk, here’s your profile activity for the week ending June 15th: You are #2 in the Latin charts for Cleveland, OH”

Guitar Fretboard Knowledge: Easily learn the letter name of every fret on every string! You only have to remember 3 facts. The video & pdf document are available to my $1 and $2 Subscribers on Subscribestar – here’s the link to access this video & documents, plus ALL other content on my channel for 1 month (Yes, $1 for access to more than 40 music education posts, plus all other content I’ll publish for the next month):

Piano lessons:

Just posted on my Subscribestar $1 subscription tier the 2nd half of the Ode to Joy Piano Instructional, where we establish the first of my basic performance principles: Keep a steady pulse. I define precisely what a pulse is and demonstrate how to do It with this piece of music from Beethoven.

How to Tune Your Guitar

I just posted a How to Tune Your Guitar video on the subscribestar for paid subscribers.

Instructional Video

I just uploaded an instructional piano video to my Subscribestar channel for how to play “Ode to Joy”. For as affordable a cost as $1/month, subscribers can learn to play piano and guitar from my content. Here’s a quick promo video from the Minds link below (the other link is to my Subscribestar channel).…

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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